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Americans Working to Stop Illegal Immigration

Unification Brings Change

Brought to you by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

The National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition (NIIBC) is a collective effort of over 100 organizations that are fighting against illegal immigration in America. Each group must be qualified as being nonviolent and nonracist in their approach to America's Illegal Immigration Crisis.

The groups represented in the NIIBC reflect the diverse range of Americans that make up the 80% of citizens that want our borders secured, our existing immigration laws enforced, and illegal immigration reversed by attrition enforcement.

The goal of the NIIBC is to bring collective economic protests, petitions, and boycotts against corporations that support illegal immigration and to increase public awareness and consumer activism on this issue.

Boycott targets are selected by the group leaders and businesses that give money or support to illegal alien supporting groups, aiding and abetting illegal aliens to enter and stay in the US, or giving money to candidates and groups supporting illegal immigration are targeted.

We hope you will support the efforts of the NIIBC and offer your support to the members of the NIIBC.

It is our time in History for Americans to show large corporations that this land is governed by the people of the United States and not Globalist corporations.

Current Boycotts

National Illegal Immigration Boycotts

Boycott Absolut Vodka Tell Absolut, that Americans are Absolutely fed up with their reconquista Ads.

Absolut can flush their ads along with their vodka! Americans will not tolerate any company who advertises our borders being erased.

Bank of America Tell Bank of America to stop catering to illegal immigrants. Close your accounts and sign our petition.

It's time for Americans to put their foot down and say enough is enough! We are not going to put up with corporations aiding and abetting illegal aliens anymore!

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